“Life is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans” – John Lennon

ImageStaying true to one of the themes of this blog, I have to confess that my own life sucked a little bit this week. But then it didn’t so much.

First the sucky part: my cat died . . . on my birthday.

While I understand there are worse atrocities playing out in the world right now, I had never experienced the death of a pet in this way. I was devastated. I was heartbroken on a day that was supposed to be celebratory. How could a pudgy, stressed-out, misfit, rescue kitty with a flair for drama end up stealing my heart? He hid in my bathroom cabinet for the first three weeks he lived in my home and was scared of most people, including his own shadow a lot of the time. He wreaked ten kinds of havoc with his tendency to escape and hide for days under the crawl spaces of neighboring houses. But when he wasn’t escaping or being neurotic, he was an affectionate little guy with soft green eyes and a heart of gold. At the risk of being called a crazy cat lady, I have to admit, this Woody Allen of felines was my constant pal. Throughout the last twelve years we chartered life’s rough waters together. He will be missed.

Now, the not so sucky and actually inspirational part: the Breast Cancer Angels.  Over the weekend, by complete happenstance, I attended the Breast Cancer Angels luncheon.  By happenstance, I mean I had not intended to go. I intended to spend my Saturday the way I usually spent it—crawling into my writerly cave to dive into the WIP. But a friend called, said she had an extra ticket and I thought, why not? Good cause plus champagne plus distraction from work at hand equals win-win.

I had heard of the Angels before through my sister-in-law’s family, but had not been exposed firsthand to this amazing organization, the stories of the people it assists, or the generosity of the people who founded and support it. Faye Dietiker, a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, started Breast Cancer Angels after meeting women during her treatment who were struggling not only with their disease, but with the mammoth task of affording treatment while trying to house and feed their children. Many were uninsured, homeless or faced with being separated from their children.

Since then Faye and the Angels have personally touched the lives thousands of women and their families by helping them cope with the financial and emotional burden as they journey through treatment. 100% of donations go to assistance. The stories of women helped are endless, gut wrenching, and ultimately inspiring in their strength and perseverance. For more information visit: http://breastcancerangels.org/

That was my week, the ups and the down. Now back to my regularly scheduled life.


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