Easy Reading is Damn Hard Writing -Nathaniel Hawthorne


And there isn’t a truer statement I can think of right now. 

Long time since I’ve posted here. Not because I haven’t met tons of inspirational people (I have!), but my butt has been positively plastered to the chair doing some seriously damn hard writing and polishing up my latest mystery novel, Lost Innocence. I was shamelessly slogging it over the weekend at the Writer’s Digest West Conference. Thanks to all the agents and faculty who attended. They listened to our pitches, answered our questions, fielded our gripes and provided much need inspiration (and more than a few reality checks). You can check out the storyline for Lost Innocence here. I’ll post a first chapter soon, along with news about my adventures in the publishing world. Major kudos on the concept art go to my talented and wonderful friend Michelle Shibata-Schwartz. It is quite masterful, if you ask me. 🙂


Sometimes you can run from the sins of your past. But sometimes, they will get you killed.

With her career on the upswing, reporter Francesca “Frankie” Reed is attempting a makeover in her personal life, too—a swear jar, a hopeful romance and an honest effort to reconcile with her mother, a prominent surgeon who lost her medical license over the circumstances surrounding Frankie’s dad’s death.

Karen Mancuso is a fugitive from the law, executing a horrific bombing twenty-five years ago. Frankie was a child when the bombing occurred, but it was her father, an L.A. Times photographer, who took the last, iconic pictures of Karen’s band of extremists barely a month before he died.

Now, Karen resurfaces, risking everything to contact Frankie, proclaiming her innocence and begging for help. But when the two are ambushed and Karen disappears again, it is Frankie who is left to unravel the mystery. After the discovery of three dead comrades, Frankie hunts down the radical group’s reclusive leader, igniting a deadly feud that also shines a light on the devastation of Frankie’s childhood. From celebrity defense lawyers to enigmatic ex-cons to Frankie’s own mother, it seems no one can be trusted to tell the truth. Soon every belief Frankie’s held since she was ten is questioned and tossed upside down until a revengeful killer sets sights on her. Then the only thing that matters is staying alive.


About virginiapooler

Who me? I'm a UN Ambassador, Nanny, Accountant, FBI Agent, sheep dog .... oh, I mean Producer type and mystery writer..
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