Welcome to my blog!

Hello world and welcome to my new blogsite. My goal here is to from time to time post articles I’ve written about normal, everyday people who lead extraordinary lives (at least they are extraordinary to me). More than likely, they will be people you’ve never heard of. But everybody has a story, I figure, and my aim is to tell it.

In between, I’ll post little musings about things that I find interesting and hope  you’ ll find them interesting, too.  Comments are always welcome and I have only three ground rules: be thoughtful, be adult, and be productive. (Example: name calling = not at all productive and definitely not adult.)

I’ll have my first article up soon, so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.



About virginiapooler

Who me? I'm a UN Ambassador, Nanny, Accountant, FBI Agent, sheep dog .... oh, I mean Producer type and mystery writer..
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3 Responses to Welcome to my blog!

  1. slamdunk says:

    It sounds like you’ll have good content here. Best wishes with the new blog.

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